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158                         BYZANTINE CHURCHES                       CHAP.
the Turkish conquest. One day when the Sultan was riding through his newly acquired capital he came to the Pammakaristos, and upon being informed that it was the church assigned to the Patriarch Gennadius, alighted to honour the prelate with a visit. The meeting took place In this parecclesioiij and the conversation, of which a summary account was afterwards sent to the Sultans dwelt on the dogmas of the Christian Faith.1
The text of the epitaph, portions of which appear on the exterior face of the south wall of the parecclesion of the church of the Pammakaristos (Carmina Philae^ ccxxiii. ed. Miller, vol. i. pp. 117-18) reads as follows : —
TO  <£&,  TO Tveu/Aa, TO
/Cat   TOVTQ   <JO£   TO   StopOF   IK   TTjfS   (TV^VJOV '
crv p,€v yap &<s aypuTTFOS IF /Aa^ats Aeon/ t'TTFOts,  vireXQibv aWt  Ao^pjs TOF rd<f>ov ' 5 eyw SI crot Teresa irerpaiav crTey^i/, prj TraAtF evpcbv o crrpaTOS <re wyx^KJ* Kav Stvpo T^F ^OUF €KTivd£a<s €Kpv/8r}<$, ^ TOV Tra^ow pevvavros
10 Tas yap  €irl y^s €J38€\.v£(j} Iv cweAet Tpt/?ft)i/t (f>vytbv TOJ/ /cat xpb? vovjrovg (TTeppav //-€T€j/5i'S l/c ws ocrrpeov yovv opyai/ca trot TOF TOC^OF,
15 7}  /co^Aoy 7}  KaXvKa K6VTpwSovs /Sdrov " p,dpyap€ JAOV, xop^iJpa,  y^s aAA?;s poSor, et /cat TpvyY}9ev c/CTrte^ Tots A/^ots ws /cat CTTaAay/AOiJS Trpo^eFetF /Aot Sa/cpixov, avrbs Se /cat fwv /cat Oeov {wvTa
20 a>s vovs KaOapbs TCUF Tra^wF TO>F
TOF cr^F xaAty OdXapov €vrp€7ri^€ poi ' aijTa crot Map0a
/CaAAtO-T€   /Cat
O my husbands my lightj my breath, whom I now greet.
This gift to thee also is from thy wife.
For thou indeed who wast like a sleepless lion in battles
Sleepest, having to endure the grave, instead (of occupying) thy lair.
1 Turcograecia, pp.  16, 109, %v$ov rys /u/cpas1 ^/c/cX^^as KO! cfyja(as roi? irap€K~ /cX??<rlou,                                                                 2 TeffajJt.fJL&e (Cod. Mon. fol. 102).